10 Blogging Tips For Lawyers

1.  Post Regularly

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see lawyers make. You need to be posting to your blog regularly. Ideally, if you want to stay competitive, you’re probably going to have to post at least twice each week. This works two-fold for your website. It offers clients and potential clients valuable information, and search engines love relevant unique content that is posted regularly.

2.  Post Only Unique Content

This is another big mistake that a lot of legal blogs commit. We get it. You’re busy winning huge cases for your clients, and that’s fantastic, but you can’t just copy and paste some article to your blog. Google and other search engines hate duplicate material. Even when you link back to the source, this is still an egregious blogging crime. It has to be unique. If you want to report on a local news story, summarize it in your own words and link back to the original article. Google will love you for it, and so will your readers.

3.  Post Relevant Material

Keep the posts super relevant. What’s going on with your clients? Are they dealing with their faulty DePuy hip replacements? Post the latest news on those national cases. Keep them posted on what’s going on with transvaginal mesh or other defective medical devices.

 4.  Offer Potential Clients Plenty of Value

Always offer your clients value. They don’t want to come to your blog to read your marketing and advertising material, they want information. Give it to them. Give them helpful tips for dealing with personal injury cases. What should they do if they’ve been harmed? Explain what negligence means.

5.  Keep it Local

Always report on local interest stories. This will help to boost local search traffic to your website, and clients will appreciate your up-to-date website. What’s going on in your city? Have any distracted driving cases made the news? Report on those.

6.  Link To Reputable Authorities

It’s always helpful to link back to authoritative websites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website offers a lot of great, accurate, authoritative information. Here’s their report on Teen Driving Statistics.

7.  Stay Fresh

Don’t get bogged down with a lot of stale material. Always create unique fresh content for your blog. Stay up to date with local news and national news regarding your practice areas. Let your clients know what’s going on in the world of personal injury law.

8.  Add a Personal Touch

Don’t forget to add a personal touch. Clients want to know that you care. Even if you don’t write the blogs yourself, have your copywriter add a personal note somewhere in the article. If you’re reporting on a local car crash, add a sentence of well-wishes for the victims involved.

9.  Get The Word Out

Tell everybody about your awesome, informative, interesting and up-to-date blog. Post your latest blogs on your social media accounts, and send them to everybody on your emails newsletter list.

10.  Tell Your Potential Clients What to Do

Finally, tell your potential clients what to do. This one is self-explanatory. If you’re reporting on dog bite laws, tell your clients to contact you if they’ve been bitten. Sometimes, they just need a nudge in the right direction. They came to your blog for the valuable information, and all you need to do is tell them to call.